Day 1: Tunis - Airport - Hammamet

-Place ti visit Hammamet city tour according arrival time

-Lunch at local Restaurant

-Dinner buffet at the hotel of stay

-Overnight Resort hotel laico Hammamet 5*

Day 2 : Hammamet - Kairouan - Tozeur

-Place to visit : Historical places in Kairouan Aghlabide pool- Great mosque - Sidi Sahbi mausoleum and tozeur Oases

- Lunch : Buffet lunch in hotel Kasbah Kairouan

-Dinner Buffet at the hotel of stay in Tozeur

-Hotel Ras El ain 4*

Day 3 : Tozeur -4*4 Chbika Tamerza Mides - Ong Jemal - Chott El Jerid - Douz

- Place to Visit The Mountain oases of Chebika Tamersa Mides The site of the American movie "Star wars " in the desert of ong Jmal Great Lake called also chott el jerid and Douz

-Lunch local lunch sahara lounge in Tozeur

-Dinner Buffet at the hotel of stay in Douz

-Hotel Golden Yasmin Sun Palm 4*

Day 4 : Douz - Matmata

-Visit of Douz the desert's Gate

-Head to the nomad village of Sabria where we will encounter the nomades. Get rid of the van and ride a camel for almost 2 hours in the middle of the sand dunes you will find the camp

Assist to a demonstration of sand bread preparation bread baked under the embers enjoy a dinner around the campfire

Day 5 : Matmata -El jem - Sousse

-Place to visit : Berber family in matmata star war shooting place visitr the berber village of Tamazret

-El jem Roman amphiteatre the famous marina of port el kantaoui sousse medina if still have time

-Lunch typical local lunch at sidi driss stars wars décor place in matmata

-Dinner buffet at the hotel of stay

-Hotel Riadh Palms Sousse

Day 6 : Sousse - Carthage - Sidi bousaid - Tunis

- place : Historical sites of Carthage blue and white twon of sidi bou Said coffe bardo museum

- Local lunch in carthage

-Buffet at the hotel of stay

-Hotel Mouradi Gammarth 5*

Day 7: Tunis Medina - Tunis Airport

-Bourghiba Streetand tunis ancient city called medina

-Transfer to the airport 


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